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Selling a house in Almere

Are you planning to sell your house in Almere, or are you in the process of exploring and would like to know the value of your house? Then schedule an appointment now for a no-obligation consultation and a free valuation of your current property.


IMMO Arie van der Lee is at your service!


We have been active in the housing market in Almere since 1995, which has allowed us to gain extensive experience and expertise and have a good understanding of the current market.


We guide you throughout the entire sales process, from valuation to transfer. Commitment, service, and our personal approach are of high importance to us. This means that you generally have contact with one real estate agent with whom you can communicate personally.

The real estate agent in Almere!

Selling a house always involves a process that comes with a lot of concerns. There is certainly a lot to consider, as selling is not as easy as you might think. Perhaps you are also considering putting your property up for sale, after all, you have come to the right place for a reason. With us, you have come to the right address for the best real estate agent in Almere. What can we do for you to ensure that your property will soon be marked as “sold”? Let us explain it to you in detail!

Personal guidance

Satisfied customers are the basis for our success, and good agreements are the basis for a successful sale. Customized expert advice is desirable, which is why personal attention is our starting point and one of our core values. Selling a house involves many aspects, and knowledge of the trade is required for most of them, which is why personal guidance is desired. Check out our reviews.

Why IMMO Arie van der Lee?

Innovative sales approach

Specialist in existing homes in Almere

Additional services, such as handyman services and styling advice

Optimal marketing

IMMO Arie van der Lee specializes in creating luxury and comprehensive brochures, which we frequently utilize. Additionally, we present your property with high-quality, up-to-date photos taken by a professional photographer. A proper presentation of your property is crucial for a fast and successful sale. Our listings are displayed on various websites such as Funda.nl and social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to reach the widest possible audience and increase the speed of your sale.

Modern approach

While traditional methods such as a “For Sale” sign, a brochure, and guided property tours are offered by every real estate agent, IMMO Arie van der Lee goes the extra mile. In addition to offline, traditional marketing, we also display your property online for maximum visibility. Your property will be prominently displayed online, and we ensure optimal online searchability, for example, on Funda.nl. If you are looking to buy your dream home, our buyer’s agents can assist you as well.

Real estate agents in Almere

IMMO Arie van der Lee is comprised of a team of knowledgeable and experienced real estate agents. Our office in Almere has been operating in the housing market for 28 years, which means we are well-versed in all the rules, tips, and important aspects of selling a property. We not only specialize in property sales, but we can also provide you with a quote for your property through a valuation. A property valuation can provide you with valuable insights into your property’s value, which can benefit your potential sale.

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Our team consists of four individuals who work with utmost precision. We have two highly experienced real estate agents in Almere: Arie van der Lee, the owner of the company and a member of the Netherlands Cooperative Association of Real Estate Agents and Appraisers NVM U.A., who oversees all aspects of the business and is happy to assist you, and Dennis Teinveld, also an NVM real estate agent, who can provide you with the best advice regarding the sale of your property. We also have Elly Oudhoff on our team, who serves as Head of Operations.

We believe that selling a house in Almere should be an enjoyable process and not something to dread. This philosophy is reflected in the way our team operates and conducts all tasks. If you choose to list your property with us, our team will do everything possible to explain the entire process clearly, so you never have any unanswered questions, allowing you to have a better understanding of what will happen. We have also prepared a handy checklist for you to sell your house.

Sell your house quickly in Almere

IMMO Arie van der Lee is a member of the Dutch Cooperative Association of Real Estate Agents and Appraisers NVM U.A. (NVM). This way, you can always be sure that you are dealing with a reliable party that will do everything possible to provide you with high-quality and expert advice. This extra bit of assurance is certainly desired when selling a home. If you would like to meet the team and experience the benefits that IMMO Arie van der Lee has to offer, you can always request a non-binding consultation with us to receive more information about our office. If you want to know how to sell your house quickly, read our blog.

When selling a house, you want to be sure that everything will run smoothly. Therefore, we not only have membership in the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents and Appraisers (NVM), but we also possess all the necessary permits and certificates that may come into play in the sale of a home. This way, you can confidently turn to us for the sale of your property without any worries, which makes it much easier for you.

The benefits of a real estate agent

There are many advantages to engaging our real estate agency in Almere. For example, we always have the best insights into the housing market, which increases the chances of selling your property for a higher price. This is always profitable for a property, as even a single percentage point increase in the selling price can amount to a substantial sum. In addition, as you can see, you will have that extra bit of assurance. This way, you know that everything concerning the process of selling a house in Almere is in order, which gives a reassuring feeling when you decide to take the step.

A non-binding online valuation

So, you are looking for a party that can help you list your property for sale. The first step in the process, of course, is the valuation of the property. We can always perform this valuation for you, and it will be conducted by one of our professional real estate agents, free of charge and entirely without obligation, giving you a clear insight into the actual value of the property. After this request, one of our real estate agents will personally visit your property. Subsequently, you will receive the prepared report by email, which is very convenient.

Moreover, you can also get a non-binding overview of an online valuation report of your property. This handy overview will allow everyone to get a good understanding of their property. The valuation will always be done accurately and fairly, and through a correct assessment, we can provide you with the necessary information. Feel free to visit us for this as well, as you can always take advantage of our free intake consultation. This way, we can sit down together to discuss what we can do for you.

Free consultation!

If you’re looking to gather some additional information, it’s not a problem at all. At IMMO Arie van der Lee, you will always have access to a free consultation. During this consultation, you will sit down with one of our employees to get a better understanding of the current situation regarding your property. It could be about anything, such as buying a new home. We are always at your service in this regard.

Real Estate Agency located in the heart of Almere City

Selling a house in Almere has never been easier. You are always welcome to visit our cozy office, conveniently located in the heart of Almere City. We are open from nine in the morning until half past five on weekdays. It’s easy for everyone to quickly visit, as the pleasant location allows for a quick visit for an appointment and an easy departure after the conversation ends. This way, you can easily schedule an appointment on a workday without too much inconvenience at work.

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Don’t have time on weekdays? Not a problem at all, as we are also open on Saturdays (by appointment). We welcome you with a cup of coffee from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon (by appointment). With these extended opening hours, scheduling an appointment is no longer a problem, as you can come in at a time that suits you best. This makes the entire sales process much easier. No more worries about missing work, you can simply quickly visit on a day when you’re already off. The coffee is ready!

Customer Reviews

We strive to sell houses in Almere for everyone with a smile on our face. We’re not the only ones saying this, as it is consistently mentioned in every review about our company. Many people express that they have had an extremely pleasant experience working with us. In all of Almere, we have the highest rating you can find on Funda. Funda is still the largest housing website in our country, which speaks volumes about the services we can offer you.

Customers also appreciate that we are a real estate agency that pays a lot of attention to the customer relationship. A personal approach is always a priority for us, as we believe that a good collaboration is the most pleasant way to work together. You can always read the online reviews to get a good idea of what we have to offer based on others’ stories. Or request a free consultation with one of our real estate agents in Almere to see firsthand how we work.

Real Estate Agent with Free Moving Van

Moving is not always easy and can come with a lot of worries. We are always here to help, so when you purchase a new home with us, you can always make use of our free moving van. A van is certainly convenient when you have a lot of belongings to transport, making the move much easier. Before you know it, all your personal belongings and the rest of your furniture will be in your new home, allowing you to start enjoying your purchase right away.

Would you like more information about selling your home? Contact us. Our staff is happy to assist you!

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