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Years of experience

With over 29 years of
experience in Almere,
we have a team of highly
experienced real estate
agents and professional


Buying or selling a house
is an important event.
Our team of real estate
agents is here to support
you throughout the entire
process, and we are always
ready to brainstorm and
collaborate with you.


Our real estate agents are affiliated with the NVM and the NRVT and stay up to date with the latest developments in the housing market. Our agents undergo regular training and professional development every year.


We stand for expertise and honest service. We make clear agreements, and we honor them. This is appreciated by our clients, as reflected in our high customer satisfaction rating of 9.4 on Funda.

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Buying and selling a home is an important step in life. Our goal is to make this process as efficient and enjoyable as possible. We have a team of highly experienced real estate agents and staff to assist you. 

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Schoutstraat 8, 1315 KW Almere

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Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00 (by appointment)

Customers speak

IMMO Arie van der Lee, your ultimate guide!


Selling or buying a house or apartment is not something you do on a daily basis. There are many aspects to consider, and you may need some assistance and advice along the way. Our real estate agents with years of experience will guide you throughout the selling or buying process, but you may also want to find answers on your own before asking questions. That’s why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you, so you know what to consider during the sale of your home or the purchase of your new property.

Our certifications

At IMMO Arie van der Lee in Almere, our real estate agents hold various certifications, ensuring our high-quality services. We are affiliated with the NVM, and our agents adhere to the NVM’s code of conduct and statutes, guaranteeing you, as a customer, a reliable service and protection in case of any disputes.

In addition, our real estate agents are certified appraisers and hold NRVT membership. Our appraisals are validated by NWWI (Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut), and the NRVT certification signifies the independence and objectivity of our qualified appraisers.

The best selling price for your property

Our real estate agents always act in your best interest and strive for the best selling price for your home. This means that our real estate agents ensure that your house or apartment is not sold for too little, but for the highest possible price. A common mistake made by many sellers (and even other real estate agencies) is accepting the first offer too quickly. Negotiating or even rejecting offers can be a daunting task as it involves a significant amount of money. However, with our experienced agents, this is a routine task. They will guide you step by step through this process, ensuring that you sell your property for the best possible price. This way, you will have the most money in your own pocket at the end of the transaction.

Act in your interests

You want to sell your house for the best possible selling price. Our real estate agents have insight into the current housing market and can assist you in achieving the best price. Your interests are always our top priority, and we are satisfied when you are. 

The perfect property viewing

As a real estate agency with years of experience in Almere, we have encountered every possible scenario during property viewings. With all this knowledge and experience, we know better than anyone how to conduct the perfect viewing. Several factors come into play, including the selling party, the viewing party, and of course our real estate agent. As the selling party, there are certain things you can do to ensure a smoother viewing process. We have also compiled a comprehensive checklist on this topic. By following these steps, the viewing party, or potential buyer(s), will find your home more attractive. Our real estate agent will highlight all the advantages of your house or apartment during the viewing.

The most modern promotional channels

Modern times call for modern measures. The real estate profession is an age-old trade, but it can be challenging to keep up with the times. While offline sales used to be the main focus, the demand for online services from the majority of buyers and sellers is now significant. We understand this, which is why our real estate agency utilizes the latest technologies and online sales channels. Our goal is to sell your home through the most advanced promotional channels, making your property stand out to potential buyers.

Promoting homes for sale in newspapers and through flyers is outdated. Our priority is online promotion. Your house or apartment will not only be displayed on our own website and on Funda (a popular online real estate platform), but also on our social media channels. This means that your property will be seen by the target audience more than ten times as much. Through online presentation, the visibility of your home is greatly increased.

How do our real estate agents in Almere work?

  1. At IMMO, we start with an exploratory conversation. The real estate agent visits your home to introduce themselves and conduct an immediate valuation of your property, providing you with insight into the price at which our agents can sell your home.
  2. Next, the seller chooses to work with IMMO and approves the assignment with our real estate agent.
  3. Then, an appointment is scheduled to have photos, videos, 360-degree photos, and/or a 3D scan of your home taken.
  4. The seller prepares the home for sale, ensuring it is clean, tidy, and well-organized so our photographer can capture the best images.
  5. At step 5, the photographer visits to take photos and film your home.
  6. Subsequently, the real estate agent prepares the listing on the website to check the text en pictures.
  7. You then review the texts and photos to ensure they look perfect. If changes are needed, you can make unlimited revisions, which we will promptly update to ensure everything is accurate and to your liking.
  8. After approval of the online profile, IMMO Arie van der Lee promotes your home on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our own website. The next day, your home is listed on Funda, Pararius, and Jaap. If desired, a “for sale” sign is placed in your front yard.
  9. To further promote your home, it is also promoted on Facebook. Within a week, you will receive a comprehensive report with the results of this promotion.
  10. Viewings are scheduled, and from this moment on, viewing requests for your home start coming in.
  11. Then comes the most exciting part, the negotiations! A prospective buyer makes an offer on your home.
  12. Once you have accepted the offer, a preliminary purchase agreement with clear terms is drawn up.
  13. You and the buyer sign the preliminary purchase agreement at the notary’s office. IMMO Arie van der Lee monitors the set deadlines, including the deposit.
  14. Once the deposit has been paid, you have packed your belongings, and the keys to your home are handed over to the new resident.
  15. Congratulations! You have successfully sold your home through IMMO Arie van der Lee.

Free moving van

Did you know that you can take advantage of our free moving van? You can use this moving van when you sell your home with IMMO. This way, you can save on unnecessary additional costs. Transport all your moving belongings to your new destination with the IMMO moving van. If you would like to know more about our free moving van, please contact our real estate agency in Almere.

Living in Almere

Almere is a rapidly growing city with a continuously increasing population. With its vibrant city center, diverse parks, and beaches, Almere is the ideal place to live and thrive. Therefore, the housing market in this popular city is currently very dynamic. Almere offers all the benefits of a residential city but with more affordable housing prices.


Almere is renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands and is highly sought after. As a real estate agency, we are well aware of all the developments within the industry in Almere.

Real estate agent from Almere needed

A wide range of diverse types of homes, that is our offering. IMMO Arie van der Lee has something to offer for everyone. In addition to our diverse inventory, we also provide personalized services. This allows us to better assist you and meet your needs more easily. Furthermore, we strive to provide a carefree and pleasant experience. Fast communication helps us stay informed about developments regarding buying or selling, as well as your preferences.

Perhaps you are considering selling your home in Almere and are still in search of a knowledgeable real estate agent. By choosing our real estate agency, you will have a flying start! In addition to a highly motivated team of real estate agents, we also have many years of experience in this field.

Real estate agent’s commission

Another question that we often receive as a real estate agency is about the commission we charge for selling your house. The commission for a house depends on several factors, including the value of your property. Additionally, the method of selling your property is also a factor. Would you like to know what other factors may impact the commission? Get a free advice from our real estate agent in Almere. Please contact our real estate agency for more information.

Opening hours and directions

Our opening hours and address details can be found on our contact page.

Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (by appointment).


If you have a specific question, you can ask our Elly. Please contact by phone.