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Real estate agency Almere

Looking for the best real estate agency in Almere?

We will help you to find your dream home.

Welcome to the real estate agency in Almere Stad: IMMO Arie van der Lee. IMMO is a cozy real estate office in Almere, we can be your single best real estate agent in Almere. Our real estate agency offers you more than just a good real estate agency in Almere. Moreover, all our specialists are attentive to your personal situation.

Your real estate agency in Almere

If you are looking for an excellent real estate agency in Almere, then IMMO is the right place for you. A multi-disciplined real estate agency with a modern vision: our key to success. For more than 20 years we have been specialized in the sale, purchase and valuation of existing houses in Almere.

We stand for commitment, reliability and professional guidance. Personal contact and guidance with the client, that is very important value to us. It is important to have a skilled team of real estate agents at your side, who will consider all of your (residential) wishes.

With over twenty years of experience as a full-service real estate agent, we provide professional advice on the sale, purchase and valuation of existing homes in Almere. We have been able to help many satisfied customers before you.

Come and visit our cozy office, in the middle of the center of Almere Stad. You are always welcome to walk in for a cup of coffee, we are available six days a week!

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Why choose for this real estate agency in Almere?


Our specialization and also the key to our success: on a personal level and in the current housing market within Almere. We would like to get to know you.


Our certified real estate agents are always up to date with the latest developments regarding the real estate agency.


By joining the NVM and the NWWI, you are always assured of expert advice of high quality.

Years of experience

We have been a big player in Almere since 1995 with a team of highly experienced agents and professional staff.

Elly - Makelaar in Almere

Our services

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Selling a house

Do you want to sell your house or apartment? Our real estate team ensures that the sales sign for your home will show ‘sold’ in no time.

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The housing market has changed. This calls for a completely new approach! With our system you can auction your home in 30 days and increase your yield on the home.

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Taxation house

Our highly qualified and independent real estate appraisers will quickly and reliably draw up a valuation report for your home or apartment.

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Value determination

Are you curious about the current market value of your property? Ask our real estate agency for an online valuation, free of charge and always without any obligation.

Tips, news and inspiration

    Our real estate agents in Almere

    Our estate agents in Almere are certified, have years of experience and give professional advice on the purchase and sale of your house or apartment. The estate agents trade for nothing less than the best-selling price. We listen to your (sale) wishes and act exclusively in your interests. In doing so, we strive for the highest possible customer satisfaction. Involvement is in our DNA; We are the most personal real estate agent in Almere. Meet our employees.

    Arie van der Lee

    Arie van der Lee

    Owner and NVM agent

    The name giver of our real estate agency and the man with more than thirty years of experience in real estate. Our Arie has an awful lot of knowledge about real estate. He still enjoys doing all his work every day.

    Over ons

    Dennis Teinveld

    NVM agent

    His two great passions – IT and social contact – come together in this field. Our Dennis is a real estate agent at heart. In addition to his real estate activities, Dennis is also involved in our marketing activities.

    Elly Oudhoff

    Elly Oudhoff


    Whoever contacts us will be the first to come in contact with Elly. With several diplomas and a lot of experience, our Elly is a woman who knows what she is doing. She takes care of all internal affairs and part of the financial administration.

    Real estate agency Almere

    Selling your home carefree; that’s what we stand for. Today, the housing market is upside down. That is why you want your house to be sold for the best price and as quickly as possible. Together with you, we will make this need a reality.

    The real estate agent in Almere, has years of experience in the housing market. With our personal approach and certified real estate agents, we ensure that the sale of your home is pleasant and fast.

    In addition, we use the most innovative sales techniques, such as a 3D scan, 360-degree photography and / or a drone video to make your home stand out. Would you like to know more about our extensive presentation possibilities? Please contact us and ask for a free consultation.

    Want to know the value of your home?

    Would you like to know what your house is worth? Through our online valuation report you will have an estimate of your property value in your e-mailbox within five minutes.

    The value of your property has been determined online. And then what? Based on this indication, you can request a free consultation for tailored advice.

    Thanks to our many years of experience and our establishment in Almere Centrum, we have knowledge of the housing market in Almere. This enables us to draw up a complete sales plan that best suits you and your home.

    Sell your house

    The housing market is upside down. Selling houses and apartments like hot rolls, but not always at the best price. We have been a specialist in the Almere housing market for more than twenty years. We know exactly what your house is worth and therefore always work with you to determine the best-selling price. We work to your wishes at all times.

    What you want is simple: to sell your home as quickly as possible for the best price. Our brokers make this happen thanks to their decades of experience, expertise and many successful sales. Carefree selling your home in these hectic times on the housing market? You can only do this at the real estate agency in Almere.

    Customers have their say

    Real estate agency in Almere, everything you need to know!

    Selling your house or apartment is not something you do every day. There are many things that have to be considered, on which you may have little or no knowledge about. The estate agents will guide you through the sales process, but before you ask anything, you may first look for the answer yourself. That is why we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions, this will make sure that you know everything before selling your home.

    Our certificates

    The real estate agency in Almere has various certificates. Some of them are obliged, others guarantee our high quality. For example, the NVM. We are a member of this association, so we can guarantee that the quality of our services is of high quality. Our agents adhere to the code of honor and the articles of association of the NVM at all times.


    In addition, our brokers in Almere are certified valuers, thanks to our NRVT and NWWI membership. Our affiliation to the latter association records our expertise, reliability and transparency of home appraisals, so that you can be sure that you are working with us as appraiser. The NRVT certificate stands for the independence and objectivity of our qualified appraisers.

    The best tips for selling your home

    Our agents act in your interests at all times. They strive for the best-selling price for your property. This means that our estate agents ensure that your house or apartment does not sell for a far too low price, but for the highest price possible. A beginner’s mistake for many sellers (and even other real estate agents) is start to quickly with making the first offer. Negotiating with them, or even turning them down, is a very exciting task, as it involves a lot of money. For our agents with years of experience, this is almost a daily exercise. They guide you step by step in this process, so that you can sell your home for the best-selling price. This means that at the end of the journey you will have the best possible price for your home.

    Acting in your interest

    You don’t sell your house or apartment every day. We understand that you need to have full confidence in the real estate agency. After all, you want to sell your house for the best-selling price, at the end of the day you want to have the most money left in your own wallet. Confidence in the real estate agent is paramount. At the Almere estate agency, we understand this fully. Our starting point in collaborations is therefore always the following: your interests are always the number one thing we pay attention to during the sale of your home. If you are satisfied, so are we.

    The perfect viewing

    As a real estate agency in Almere with years of experience in the field, we have experienced every possible scenario during the viewing of the homes. With all this knowledge and experience, we know better than anyone how to create the perfect viewing. Several factors play a role in this; the selling party, the viewing party and, of course, our estate agent. As a selling party, you can take care of a number of things, which will make the viewing run more smoothly. We have also written an extensive checklist about this. Through these actions, the viewing party, or potential buyer(s), will find your home more attractive. The real estate agent ensures that all the advantages of your house or apartment come to light.

    Modern promotion channels

    Modern times call for modern measures. The real estate profession is a centuries-old profession, but it is difficult to keep up with the new developments. Where offline selling is the main issue, the demand for online services from the vast majority of buyers and sellers is high. We understand this quite well. That is why our real estate office uses the latest techniques and the latest online sales channels. Our aim is to sell your home through the most modern promotion channels. This will make your house stand out even more to the potential buyer. 


    Promoting homes for sale in newspapers and through leaflets is a thing of the past. Our online promotion channels have priority. For example, your house or apartment will not only be shown on our own website and on Funda, but also on our social media channels. As a result, your home will be seen by the target group more than ten times as much. Thanks to the online presentation, the visibility of your home is increased.

    Opening hours and directions

    Our opening hours and address details can be found on our contact page. One big advantage: we are also open on Saturdays. This means that we can be reached six days a week. We are happy to be of service to you.

    Do you have a specific question? Then you can ask our Elly or Laura. Please contact them by telephone.